Why We Are Here…


It’s been just weeks since we lost William. He was twelve years old. He got sick, and died five days later. Bacterial meningitis was to blame.

This website seeks to raise awareness of this terrible disease in hopes of saving the lives of others.

But William is one step ahead of this website.

William donated his organs. He donated his heart. He donated his lungs. He donated his liver, pancreas and kidneys. He saved lives. He was miraculous. He was pristine.




William loved golf. He loved Tiger and shared a birthday with him (and Lebron James). He’d rock a Mohawk to a country club like it was going out of style. And he’d tee it up all by himself, and hit shot after beautiful shot, into history.

This year at the Masters, under the spell of Augusta’s charm, our family will attend the tournament to honor our love for each other, and those we have lost. Golf will once again bring our family together, as it has so many times before.

In a display of solidarity, William’s middle school started the campaign to “Wear White for William,” on the Wednesday following his death. We’d like to ask the patrons of the 2017 Masters to “Wear White for William” on Wednesday, April 5, 2017. We hope such a display would raise awareness about bacterial meningitis and bring us closer together as families. No matter where we hail from.


Thank You!

We love you, William!